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The ultra portable laptop Y11 360°

The Y11 360° PC will attract you over with its modern design and its many uses. Its 11.6-inch touchscreen offers excellent user comfort in both "PC mode" and "Tablet mode". With an opening angle of up to 360° and an automatic screen rotation, the device adapts to your use.

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The ultra portable laptop

With its modern design, the Y13 Ultraportable PC offers performance in a slim design. With an excellent weight/size/power ratio, it allows students to use it intensively thanks to a battery life of up to 10 hours, depending on the processor.

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The laptop Y14 PLUS

The Y14 PLUS PC has a full HD 16:9 screen, a large memory and storage capacity of up to 8/256 GB. It allows students to use it intensively thanks to a battery life of up to 10 hours.​

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The tablet SQOOL

With its reinforced shell and retractable native foot, the SQOOL tablet has been designed to withstand the student’s everyday life in college. With its built-in USB port, the tablet easily connects to all your digital devices.

The educational interface adapted to the level of the student best suits the pedagogical needs. It provides students with direct access to the resources shared by the teacher, thus promoting their overall learning.

The College interface allows students to acquire fundamental knowledge. It encourages autonomy and encourages experimentation.

The tablet Y10

The Y10 is an AndroidTM 10 tablet with a modern and ergonomic design. Light (562 g) and thin (less than 1 cm thick), it will accompany the student in class or at home. Suitable for school use, it has the necessary connectivity for productivity.
Photo tablette Y 10

The tableT Y10 PREMIUM

Slim, stylish and elegant, this tablet is a concentrate of power and fluidity, equipped with a powerful Octo Core processor and an extensive memory and storage capacity (4/128 GB). Thanks to its laminated full HD screen, it offers optimum brightness and improves the precision of the touch layer. Connected to its smart keyboard and stylus, the user has unparalleled comfort at school and at home.


The powerbank

Accessible to teachers, the battery dispenser allows you to charge your tablet or smartphone with external batteries that can be borrowed at any time. It makes it possible to compensate for the lack of catch within the school, to maintain the degree of autonomy of the teachers on their equipment and to move freely.

The case TABLET Y10

With its flap that fits the screen and its reinforced shell, this case will perfectly protect the Y10 tablet. All buttons and connectors will remain accessible at all times thanks to the perfectly adapted notches. This case also allows the Y10 shelf to be tilted 50°.

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the headset with microphone

The Y headset with microphone is perfectly suited for activities that require recording your voice, such as language classes. Adjustable, it will fit all.

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Photo tablette Y 10

protective film

This protective film is applied to the Y10 shelf. Perfectly adapted to the size of the screen and thanks to its IK06 certification, it will protect the Y10 tablet from shocks and scratches. End, it will not alter the color of the screen.

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