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The SQOOL tabletbuilt to last

With its hard shell and built-in retractable stand, the SQOOL tablet was designed to withstand daily life in elementary school. Thanks to its built-in USB port, the tablet connects easily to all your devices.

The educational interface is adapted to the students’ level to meet their pedagogical needs. It gives students direct access to the resources shared by their teacher, thus promoting their overall learning.

The Elementary platform provides students with fundamental knowledge. It encourages discovery and promotes experimentation.
Photo tablette Y 10

THE Y10Tablet

The Y10 is a tablet running AndroidTM 10 with a modern and ergonomic design. It’s lightweight (562 g) and thin (less than 1 cm thick); it will accompany the student in class or at home. Suitable for school use, it has the required connections for productivity.

The Y11 Computer

Designed to work in all conditions, this laptop has an 11-inch screen. With its modern design and light weight, it is very easy to carry, making it the ideal partner to accompany travelling students. Its optimal ratio between quality and technical specs makes this laptop an indispensable tool for everyday use.


With its modern design and its wide array of uses, the Y11 360° PC will seduce you. Its 11.6-inch touchscreen is incredibly user-friendly in both "PC mode" and "Tablet mode." With an opening angle of up to 360° and automatic screen rotation, the device adapts to how you’re using it.


Doté d’un design moderne, le PC Ultraportable Y13 offre la performance en toute finesse. D’un excellent rapport poids/taille/puissance, il permet aux élèves une utilisation intensive grâce à une autonomie allant jusqu’à 10 heures, selon le processeur.

Related Accessories

Y10 tablet case


Headset with microphone

Film protection tablette y10

Protective film

Designed by experts in the field in collaboration with teachers and students,  
SQOOL software facilitates digital education before, during and after lessons.

The Manager

The Manager is software for planning lessons, creating exercises and guiding the class.

The Manager facilitates and simplifies student-teacher interactions before, during and after class.

The Manager is a valuable tool for classroom management as it allows for real-time interactions.


With Units, the teacher can prepare their sessions and distribute them to students. Students access the unit that was sent to them (instructions, apps, documents, resources, expectations) and hand in their work. They can then view their evaluations and the corrections that have been sent to them.

Units allows you to prepare work sessions and save time in class.

Units lets you manage groups of students and makes differentiated instruction easier.

SQOOL software benefits

Lead the class
& distribute resources

differentiated instruction

in real time

MDM administration

SQOOL relies on an MDM (mobile device management) tool to manage and administer its tablets. This entirely educational platform adapts to the rhythm and realities of elementary school..

It can be used to manage tablets and user accounts and install and mass-deploy educational apps.


Institution management

Create a reference document specific to the institution, determine the level of access to the catalogue of apps, etc.

User manage

Manage user information related to assignment and permissions.

Fleet management

Install, uninstall and update apps, lock and format tablets remotely in the event of loss or theft, etc.

Customer testimonials

This interview has been made during a digital resources forum in Blois, France. Gilles Ausseresse shares his experience withthe SQOOL solution. The purpose of this forum was to allow teachers too discover new digital practices : pedagogical apps from elementary to CEGEP, textbooks...

Testimonial from Gilles Ausseresse, Head of the Infrastructures & Secondary service

A secure framework for studying

SQOOL offers Cloud hosting and data storage solutions in France. These solutions comply with the CNIL, ANSSI and GDPR requirements. Students can therefore benefit from a secure working space supervised by their teacher.
« We didn't wait until May 25, 2018, and the implementation of the GDPR to think about protecting students' personal information. Children's data, because they are minors and are vulnerable, must be given special attention. »

Jean-Yves Hepp, President and Founder, UNOWHY

The strenghts of the sqool cloud

CNIL compliant

ANSSI compliant

GDPR compliant

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